Photos: After you fill out the form on the site, you need to send your photos to the phone number +46 76-692 23 33 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram) or by email [email protected]
(Along with photos, please send your name and phone number)

(Example - Canada, Toronto)
All contact information you provide will be treated confidentially, only by the staff of the website, and will not display any contact information on your card in the public domain without your consent.
Advantage of using ModelCard agent: If they want to offer you a job, the message will come through the ModelCard service. If you agree to the employer's proposal, we will give your contact information to the employer. This will save you additional problems.
Do you want your contact information to be displayed publicly available on the model map? Or use a professional ModelCard agent?
Indicate the link to the video or send us an email [email protected] or via the WhatsApp messenger, Telegram at +46 76-692 23 33.
If these parameters in the sections do not correspond to yours, then write about it here, the site moderator will make special changes for you.