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Model card online at – This is a business card for a visual representation of the model.

In the modeling business, it is customary to provide a model card for the employer to present such important information as: photos, body parameters and additional model data. This is the most important information in the modeling field.

All over the world, the model card has various names, such as Sed Card, Composite Card, Comp Card, Zed Card, Z Card, but most of them have the same standards. The model map has two pages, the first page has one photo as a cover, the other page has 4 to 6 photos, as well as personal information.

Our ModelCard service offers you to create a model card, not only in the usual format of one photo on which several of your photos with body parameters are present, but in the form of your ONLINE personal business card, in which your personal photos, videos, parameters and Additional Information. You can send a link to your model card, where all the information about you will be, including an additional video and other information about you. Also, your data will be in several languages, so you can represent yourself not only in your country, but around the world. Enjoy your use! and good luck in your work!

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