Section for models

The model card online at is a business card for visual presentation.
Such as models, photographers, actors, i.e. use a “model card” to present themselves in a visual way for employers

As a standard way to introduce someone who is accepted around the world, it is important to use a model card. A model map consists of model parameters and features including skills and personal information.

The model card has various names, such as Sed Card, Composite Card, Comp Card, Zed Card, Z Card all over the world, but most of them have the same standards. Two pages, the first page has one photo as a cover, the other page has 4 – 6 photos and attributes also personal information.

We suggest you create such a card, not only in the form of a photograph, but in the form of your ONLINE personal business card, you can send a link to your model card, where all the information about you will be included, including an additional video clip and other useful functions in the model card. Your information will also be in several languages, so you can represent yourself not only in your country, but around the world. Enjoy your use! and good luck in your work!